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Who we are.

EPSA is a Departmental Student Association (DSA) with the purpose of acting as a link between students and faculty within the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Meet Our Team.

Our passionate team of executives works throughout the year to provide students with valuable resources. 

Our Services.

We serve as a comprehensive resource for students in need of assistance and guidance with their education.
VOLUNTEER with us!

We are always looking for enthusiastic and cooperative students to help promote our events, as well as grow our name throughout UTSC!

TUTORING for free!

The Chemistry Aid Centre (SW164) and Physics Centre (SW503) are open to support students with direct access to volunteer tutors!

RENT a Lab Coat!

Forget your lab coat or splash goggles? Have no worry, EPSA has you covered! Visit our office in EV264!

We love Science.

NOW HIRING: We're currently looking to expand into artwork and multimedia (photography, videos, posters, comics). Find out how to apply and contribute to SPECTRUM today! 

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