2009-2010 Executive Team

Atheena Dy


Atheena is a fourth year student completing a double major in Environmental Science and Integrative Biology. This year she plans to make EPSA bigger and better through the help of her GREAT executive team in planning and executing effective academic and social events. As a DSA our purpose is to serve as a bridge between the students and administration, and to make every student’s career at the University of Toronto Scarborough pleasant, rewarding and exciting.

If you’re looking for information on scholastic paths or careers, or wishing to network with colleagues or you just to make new friends with similar interests then keep an eye out for events on this website! Feel free to contact me personally at atheena.dy@utoronto.ca for any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Katrina Truong

Vice President Academics

Katrina is entering her 3rd year at UTSC and she is excited to be a part of EPSA. She was previously EPSA’s Charity Coordinator, and she is looking forward to hosting a variety of academic seminars as the 2009/2010 VP Academics. She is also the Physical and Environmental Sciences Director at the SCSU and hopes to serve as a liason. She is determined to work with her EPSA and SCSU Team to better serve UTSC students.
Feel free to contact Katrina at vpacademics@myepsa.ca or katrina@scsu.ca.

Leo Babu

Vice President Operationsleo_babu_178x240

Leo is returning as the VP Operations for EPSA and he is determined to make it exciting for the members. He will work with the executives to organize more social events and provide more academic resources to enhance the student life experience. If you have any suggestions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Leo.

Michael Law

Vice President Communicationsmichael_law

Michael Law is a fourth year Water Science Co-op and Biochemistry student. As a member of the currently phased out Early Teacher Project, he hopes to become a teacher one day. Baseball and softball are only a few of the many outdoor activities he enjoys during his spare time.
Michael hopes to gather any and all feedback from EPSA members, thereby improving the UTSC experience one comment at a time. Feel free to contact him at any time as he is here to serve the students of EPSA.

Abdullah Parekh

Vice President Communicationsabdullah_178x214

Abdullah is a fourth year student currently in the Environmental Science and Technology Joint Program. As the vice president of marketing, he hopes to promote EPSA to the masses through the creative use of multiple media outlets. Furthermore, he will work hard to assist his fellow EPSA executives in making the 2009-2010 year one to remember. If you wish to contact him with ideas or comments, email him at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca.

Nousheen Bastani

Environmental Sciences Discipline Representativenousheen_bastani

I am in my third year at UTSC, completing a specialist in Environmental Science and a minor in Geography. When I am not at school, I enjoy listening to and playing music, playing ultimate frisbee, photography and hiking. I look forward to being a part of the EPSA team to help organize many fun-filled events! One my goals this year is to help bring the students in Physical and Environmental Science disciplines closer together. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by email at nousheen@gmail.com.

Banujan (Bala) Balachandran

Chemistry/Biochemistry Discipline Representative

Banujan is a fourth year student, completing a double major in Biochemistry and Integrative Biology. As the 2009-2010 Chemistry/Biochemistry Discipline Representative, he hopes to encourage interaction and the exchange of ideas between the students and the professors of the respective discipline. He hopes that he will be able to provide answers to some of the many questions that the UTSC student population faces on a daily basis and will work strongly toward bringing the attention that the Department of Environmental and Physical Sciences so rightly deserves. Banujan hopes to serve as a mentor to both new and prospective Environmental and Physical Sciences students. With that said, please don’t hesitate to contact him about any concerns or requests that you might have regarding EPSA or the many wonderful events they have planned for the year. Let’s do things right by having precisely 6.02 x 10^23 moles of fun!

Danny Tat

First Year RepresentativeDanny Tat_240x180

Danny is a first year student currently studying environmental science. As first year rep he hopes to help promote and attract more first year students to participate in events that EPSA is offering. He hopes to make first year physical and environmental students welcomed to UTSC and to help them in any way possible. Feel free to contact him with any concerns or suggestions at firstyearrep@myepsa.ca.

Muniba Qayyum

Academic Commissioner

I am in my last year with double major in Health Studies and Environmental Sciences – Water Stream. I love to play squash, tennis and badminton and I love basketball. I am very outgoing and easy to approach. As the academic commissioner, I will do my best to make sure that students are well aware of the options they have with the programs in Enviornmental and Physical Science Department and career choices associated with them. If any student needs help or advice in course material or advice with the program then feel free to contact me at muniba.qayyum@utoronto.ca.

Nishanthan Balachandran

Volunteer Commissionernishanthan_balachandran_160x240

Nishanthan is a second year student, currently doing a double major in Integrative Biology and Biochemistry. As the volunteer commissioner, he hopes to engage members of the student body to participate in many of the EPSA events throughout the year, as well as work with the other executive members to organize these events. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact him at nishanthan13@gmail.com.

Teddy Sham

Marketing ManagerTeddy Sham_240x180

Teddy is a fourth year student, doing a double major in Environmental Science Biology Stream and Economics. He hopes to continue on with future studies in environmental science and eventually get a job in the field. He plans to help promote EPSA as the marketing manager. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him.

Jolie Lam

Office ManagerJolie Lam_162x320

Jolie is a 1st year student at UTSC, aiming for a specialist degree in Biological Chemistry (Co-op). In her spare time, she likes reading fiction and listening to music. She also loves randomly bursting into singing and stuffing herself full of ice-cream. She is very excited to join this year’s EPSA executive team as office manager and hopes to know each and every one of you in the science community better. Feel free to contact her at officemanage@myepsa.ca.

Kulsum Khalfan

Events Coordinator


Nisha Nithiyananthan

Charity CoordinatorNisha Nithiyananthan

Nisha is in her fourth year doing a specialist in biochemistry. She joined EPSA as a charity coordinator because she wants to enhance the student experience at UTSC and give back to the community. She believes in the generosity, the ingenuity and creativity of UTSC students to make a difference whether on a global or local scale. Nisha loves simple ideas that go a long way. So if you’ve got ideas or issues you’re interested in, she’s got a ready ear. As the charity coordinator this year, Nisha hopes to carry out some of the projects she has planned which she hopes will bring students together and help those in need.

Tarifur (Tarif) Rahman


Tarif is a third/fourth year student pursuing a Specialist in Chemistry. As a webmaster he will work to promote EPSA’s image and initiatives online and keep everyone up to date on what is happening. He will work with the executives in promoting the numorous events in the coming year. Contact him at webmast@myepsa.ca.

Former EPSA Executives

Cindy Tat

When searching for a campus group to join I was looking for interaction with students of similar interests while maintaining an academic appeal and EPSA was the happy medium. EPSA has given me the chance to grow individually while being able to interact with peers and faculty on a more personal level in a safe environment. For the two years I have been involved with this group it has been a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to have worked with everyone.

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