2010-2011 Executive Team

Teddy Sham


Teddy is a fifth year student completing a double major in Environmental Science and Economics. This year he plans to make EPSA grow through the help of his GREAT executive team by pushing and offering more academic and social events. As a DSA, our purpose is to serve as a bridge between the students and administration, and to make every student’s life at the University of Toronto Scarborough pleasant, rewarding and exciting.

If you’re looking for information on scholastic paths or careers, or wishing to network with colleagues or you just to make new friends with similar interests then keep an eye out for events on this website! Feel free to contact me personally at president@myepsa.ca for any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Jolie Lam

Vice President Academics

Jolie is a second year student at UTSC, aiming for a specialist degree in Biological Chemistry (Co-op). In her spare time, she likes reading fiction and listening to music. She also loves randomly bursting into singing and stuffing herself full of ice-cream. She was previously EPSA’s office manager and this year she is very excited to return to the executive team as vice-president academics. She hopes to know each and every one of you in the science community better and make your stay at UTSC a Big Bang! Feel free to contact her at vpacademics@myepsa.ca.

Nisha Nithiyananthan

Vice President Operations

Nisha is in her fifth year finishing up her specialist in biochemistry. As VP operations of EPSA, Nisha aims to organize events that benefit the students in our department. With the help of her (totally awesome) fellow executives, faculty and the department, she wants to push for the expansion of the department of physical and environmental sciences (DPES) on a student body level, so that the demand can be seen by the heads. Because she believes, as some wise dead guy once said, change must come from the grass roots. So if you have any question or concerns about courses, programs, graduate schools or events she asks you to drop by the office for a chat. She is always looking for ways to better represent the students so if you’ve got ideas she’s got a ready ear.

Danny Tat

Vice President Communications

Danny is a second year student currently double majoring in human and physical geography and environmental science. As vice president of communications he hopes to meet all the new students to UTSC and to collaborate with other organizations to help bring events that are both fun and helpful to the students. Feel free to contact him with any concerns or suggestions at vpcommunications@myepsa.ca

Nousheen Bastani

Vice President Marketing

I am in my fourth year at UTSC, completing a specialist in Environmental Science and a minor in Human Geography. Other than academics, I spend my time playing guitar and ultimate frisbee. I look forward to being a part of the EPSA team once again this year and we hope to organize many more fun-filled events! I hope to better represent students in the physical and environmental science disciplines and bring our department closer together. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by email at nousheen@gmail.com.

Olivia Lun

Environmental Sciences
Discipline Representative

I am currently a second year student completing a specialist in co-op Environmental Chemistry. I have always loved the outdoors and especially the science behind it all. I love camping and hiking. I am excited to be part of the executive team to organize many fun-filled events to make EPSA bigger and better than ever before! As Environmental Science discipline rep, I hope to voice the opinions of prospective and current students to improve the environmental sciences program at UTSC. If you have academic or general questions regarding this field, you are welcome to speak to me during office hours or email me at environmentalrep@myepsa.ca.

Brian Fong

Discipline Representative

I am currently a fourth year student, double majoring in Biochemistry Co-op and Economics. As the Chemistry and Biochemistry Representative for EPSA, it is my duty to bridge the gap between students and the faculty/department, so that students are able to voice their opinions and let themselves be heard. I believe this is an integral part in continuing to make (bio)chemistry an (even more!) enjoyable experience throughout university life. Beyond that, science students need to have fun, and our executive team aims to please with our extremely entertaining exciting events. Don’t forget that this student-DSA bond goes both ways! You come to us with your opinions and we will throw events in your honor! If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints (hopefully not), ideas or anything, please feel free to contact me at chemrep@myepsa.ca

Anthony Leung

Physics Discipline

Anthony will be entering his fourth year in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) where he is completing a specialist in physical and mathematical sciences and a minor in statistics. As the representative for physics and astronomy he intends to gather students from these disciplines and have them connect with our physics faculty; hoping it could bring some academic opportunities such as summer research and providing all information about our graduate programs. Anthony will do his very best in ensuring that all voices are heard and will strive towards meeting the concerns that students may encounter in their academic studies at UTSC.

You may contact Anthony directly at physicsrep@myepsa.ca.

Jananthini Sivabasgaran

First Year Representative

Jan is a first year student at UTSC, currently enrolled in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP). She plans on completing a double major in Chemistry and French. In her sparetime, she loves singing, dancing, listening to music, talking on the phone, and baking cupcakes and all sorts of other goodies. Jan is very excited to be a part of EPSA in her first year and work with the fabulous upper years. She joined the team so that she can reach out to the other first year students and encourage them to come out to as many events as possible along with voicing their opinions about the department. If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, pleae feel free to contact her at firstyearrep@myepsa.ca (she’s usually really fast with her emails)

Davidson Nguyen

Academic Commissioner

Davidson is double majoring in Integrative Biology and Environment Science at UTSC.  During his leisure, he enjoys playing tennis and hockey, riding his bike, and socializing with family and friends.  As an academic commissioner, he is excited for the upcoming year and looking forward to organizing career-related events which includes masters and Co-op seminars and career fairs in the Environmental Science and Physical Science field.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact him at academiccommissioner@myepsa.ca

Urja Shah

Volunteer Commissioner

Urja is a third year student, currently doing a double major in Environmental Science – Biology Stream and Human & Physical Geography. As the volunteer commissioner, she hopes to engage members of the student body to participate in many of the EPSA events throughout the year, as well as work with the other executive members to organize these events. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact her at volunteercommissioner@epsa.ca.

Piranavi Jeyagaran

Marketing Manager

I am a first year UTSC student, currently enrolled in the Life Science program. Although my future career path is undecided, I have overwhelming interests in the field of human biology. While attending school for sciences, my hobbies drift in the arts and sports. Beyond the school environment, I design through many mediums, am an avid soccer fan, an active musician and love doodling! In relation to my interests I am the Marketing Manager for EPSA. Through this position I hope to make EPSA a DSA that revolutionizes the students’ typical perception of the sciences with graphics. I hope to reach out to the students of UTSC by designing many graphical pieces for events, and fundraisers, and marketing events that will benefit you as a science student. Get ready for the new collaborative team. But of course, your input is always appreciated. Don’t hesitate to come share your ideas as well as concerns at our office.

Tiffany Kwok

Financial Manager

Tiffany is a fifth year student completing a double major in Environmental Science and Biology. Last year she helped out with EPSA events as a volunteer and this year decided to join the executive team as finance manager. As finance manager, she hopes that she will be able use her skills and ideas to develop great events for the students to participate in as well as enhance student life on campus in general. She also hopes that her passion to enter the accounting profession some day will help EPSA have a great year.

Farabi Hassan

Office Manager

He is a fourth year student doing a double major in Environmental Science and Integrative Biology. He joined EPSA to contribute to the student community and make a difference. As the office manager, he hopes to take care of the office and other affairs to the best of his ability that reflects the image and quality EPSA represents. In his spare time, I like exploring new places, listening to music and relax and sleep.

Kulsum Khalfan

Events Coordinator

Kulsum is excited to return yet again as the Events Coordinator for EPSA. She takes great effort to plan and coordinate social and interesting non-academic events with her supportive and dynamic team! Her main objective she will work towards this year at EPSA will be enhancing the experience of students in the most enjoyable way possible. She believes that the ideal student experience is the infusion of studying hard as well as having a great time with great people. During her free time, Kulsum loves to go for nature walks; she enjoys reading fiction and spending time with the amazing people around her. With a fantastic team at EPSA and an exciting year ahead, It would be great to hear your suggestions and ideas! Please contact her directly during her office hours or write to her at anytime at eventscoordinator@myepsa.ca

Taro Yamashita

Direct CommunicationsCoordinator

Taro is in his second year currently serving as the Direct Communications Officer for the 2010-2011 academic year.


Charity Coordinator


Derrick Lim


Derrick is currently a fourth year student studying a double major in Environmental Science and Integrative Biology. As a webmaster he will work to promote EPSA’s image and initiatives online and keep everyone up to date on what is happening. He will work with the executives in promoting the numerous events in the coming year. Contact him at webmaster@myepsa.ca.

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