2013-2014 Executive Team

Jananthini Sivabasgaran


Jananthini is a fourth year student at UTSC, currently enrolled in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP), completing a double major in Chemistry and French. Jan is very excited to be a part of EPSA once again, for a fourth year. As President, she would like to remove any concerns that students in this department may have, and continue the construction of the bridge between faculty and students. With the support of the strong team of EPSA executives, she believes that together they will bring forth resources and events for both academic and non-academic purposes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact her at president@myepsa.ca. Goooo EPSA! :)

Alah Amsdr

Vice President Academics

Alah is a 4th year student completing a double major in Human Biology and Environmental Science. She loves cooking, baking and socializing with friends. She’s excited to return as an exec to EPSA as the VP Academics for this year. Her plans include presenting students with many academic and educational opportunities within this department for the upcoming year. Alah encourages students to get involved in campus activities and fully enjoy their university experience. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop by during her office hours or email her at: vpacademics@myepsa.ca.

Rhokini Kunanesan

Vice President Communications


Rhokini Kunanesan is in her fourth year studying Environmental Science and BEES (Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution Science). She runs around campus helping out the Sustainability Office and EPSA, but she’s always available to help students who want to learn more about their academic and career options. This year we will revive the Spectrum Newsletter, and Rhokini will be excited to work with the Environmental and Physical Science Department and students to make it successful. If you want to learn more, contact vpcommunications@myepsa.ca!

Piranavi Jeyagaran

Vice President Marketing

Piranavi is a fourth year UTSC student, currently doing a double major in Neuroscience & Health Studies. Although her future career path is undecided, she has overwhelming interests in the field of Children’s Mental Health. While attending school for sciences, her hobbies drift in the arts and sports. Beyond the school environment, she designs through many mediums, is an avid soccer fan, active musician and loves doodling! In relation to her interests she is the vice president marketing for EPSA. Through this position she hopes to make EPSA a DSA that revolutionizes the students’ typical perception of the sciences with graphics. I hope to reach out to the students of UTSC by designing many graphical pieces for events, and fundraisers, and marketing events that will benefit you as a science student. Get ready for the new collaborative team. But of course, your input is always appreciated. Don’t hesitate to come share your ideas as well as concerns at our office. She can be contacted at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca.

Jolie Lam

Vice-President Operations

9813198935_6118947340_oVictory Lap! Jolie is a fifth year student at UTSC, aiming for a specialist degree in Biological Chemistry (Co-op), and is returning to EPSA for the fifth and last time as vice-president operations. In her spare time, she likes reading and listening to music. She also loves randomly bursting into singing and stuffing herself full of ice-cream. She was previously EPSA’s office manager, vice-president academics and vice-president communications. With four years of experience under her lab coat, she is excited to work with this year’s team and concoct amazing new events. She also hopes to know each and every one of you in the science community better and make your stay at UTSC a Big Bang! Feel free to contact her at vpoperations@myepsa.ca.

Christa Croos

Marketing Manager

Christa is a second year student planning to complete a double major in Chemistry Co-op and Environmental Science. She’s excited to work with students in the environmental and physical sciences to make them all feel like one big (functional) family via EPSA events and help them with any concerns they may have, academic or otherwise throughout the year. When she’s not studying, sleeping or eating everything in sight, she enjoys reading (books, blogs and many useless things), playing guitar, getting lost downtown (more often resulting in adventures than panicked frenzy), making art, watching films/too much television (and subsequently crying because she’s too emotionally invested) and attending concerts. I look forward to hearing from you about ANYTHING at marketingmanager@myepsa.ca !

Suman Dhal

Senior Representative

Suman is currently a fourth year student completing her double major in Biochemistry and Environmental Science co-op . Suman will be in charge of assisting students from the three disciplines of environmental science, physics and chemistry, so feel free to contact her with any doubts or enquiries regarding courses, programs, professors and/or co-op. Also, she will be providing information to the graduating students regarding graduate studies and work opportunities. She is excited to be part of the 2013-2014 EPSA committee and hopes to provide any resources or help needed by the students from the department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. She encourages students to take part in the events held by EPSA and to be proactive within the campus. If you have any questions, concerns and/or feedback, feel free to contact her anytime at seniorrep@myepsa.ca or drop in during her office hours. See you there =)!

Lukman Nahle

Chemistry Representative

Lukman is currently a second year student looking forward in specializing in Biological Chemistry. As a chemistry/biochemistry rep, he is looking forward on working with other student associations to build a strong chemistry aid support and more opportunities for chemistry students all over UTSC.  He loves sports a lot, plays soccer; supports Real Madrid and Manchester United! (Warning: might not be that friendly with barca or man city fans).  He also enjoys playing volleyball and archery. Lukman is excited on returning to EPSA for his second year (last year he was the marketing manager —> moving up the ladder son!) and working the new team! If you got any questions or concerns about anything (from Chemistry help around UTSC to random stuff) just send him an email at chemrep@myepsa.ca DON’T BE SHY! SEND ONE!

Jeanny Yao

Environmental Science Representative

Jeanny is a second-year student specializing in Environmental Chemistry. She is a nature lover and is currently a student science researcher at Dr. Fulthorpe’s graduate lab for Microbial Ecology. She enjoys cooking, gardening, singing, networking, and participating in outdoor activities. As EPSA’s Environmental Science Rep, Jeanny hopes to foster faculty-student interactions within the program and shout out opportunities to those who are interested. Please don’t hesitate to approach her with questions/suggestions for EPSA or regarding environmental programs around campus. Contact Jeanny at environmentalrep@myepsa.ca!!!

Janakan Sivasubramaniam

Physics Representative

Janakan is a fourth year student at the UTSC within the Specialist in Physics and Astrophysics Program. Initially pursuing a study in biology, Janakan switched over into the physics program within his second year and decided to follow and commit himself to academic work and a career in physics. As the Physics Representative, he will be the main director of the Physics Aid Centre (PAC) and aims to provide a strong and foundational learning environment to first year students. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send him and email at physicsrep@myepsa.ca or visit his office hours.

Adrian Lorenzana

Events Coordinator

Adrian is a second year student, currently majoring in Human Biology and Psychology (which is apparently too common these days.. whatever.) As the events coordinator, he hopes to bring new event ideas to the table in hopes of engaging UTSC’s environmental and physical sciences community in more exciting and interesting ways. His greatest goal would be to spread EPSA’s name and draw as many new members in as possible through social events, in efforts to make the organization boom. As a band performer, Red Cross volunteer, and hospital volunteer, his charisma and personable approach make him an affable individual, so don’t be afraid to approach him with any questions or concerns about EPSA events, because he’s kind of nice (?).  Stay tuned into the website, advertisements, and announcements around school for more information year round! If you have any questions or concerns about an event, feel free to email me at eventscoordinator@myepsa.ca

Kevin Ng

Events CoordinatorKevin Ng

Kevin is currently a second year Environmental  Geoscience Co-op student. He loves the outdoors and whenever do don’t find him studying the Earth, you would probably have better luck finding him the great Canadian wilderness. Kevin likes adventures and during the summer you would find him white-water canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and sleeping under the stars while the campfire slow dies in the background. He is also an active member of Scouts Canada and even completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Gold Standard. As one of EPSA’s Event Coordinators, Kevin wants to bring the fun back into school. Hopefully with both fun activities and intriguing events to stimulate your interests in your field of study, Kevin hopes to tighten the bond between students and faculty across the DPES with a bang! 😀

If you have any questions or suggestions for future events, feel free to email Kevin at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

Kevin Knittel


Kevin is a second year specializing in Physics and Astrophysics. He is the guy that keeps EPSA, and you, up to date online. He is currently working in Professor Bernie Kraatz’s Lab assisting in the research of Supra Molecular Peptides.  He is an active member not only in EPSA, but in multiple other groups such as the Toronto Russian Drama Theater, Street Team, Swimming and Soccer Team and much more. If you ever see Kevin around the halls, don’t be shy, come up to him any time if you have any questions, whether it be school related or not! And most importantly, have fun this year! You can reach Kevin any time at webmaster@myepsa.ca

Prashanthan Ravindran

Charity Event Coordinatorphoto

I am a second year student doing a specialist Biochemistry Co-op program. I hope to help plan fun and organized charity events to contribute to NGOs and charities to improve our community one step at a time.

Rehma Amir

Office Manager

I am a 4th year student currently completing my degree by doing a double major in biochemistry and biology. I am the Office Manager for the upcoming year (2013-2014) and I hope to make sure that all members of E.P.S.A have a representative to communicate with when they wish to drop by at office hours. I also intend to keep everything in the office notice boards up to date for all students to take advantage of. I am an optimistic individual and wish to gain loads of fun experiences this year!

Nazifa Makrod

Volunteer commissioner

Nazifa is currently entering her second year of studies at UTSC; she is Majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology and Psychology. As an EPSA executive, she aims to reach out her helping hand with the support of her team, to students’ academic needs by providing them with events that will guide and benefit them. A volunteer commissioner’s job is to make students feel welcome as a volunteer and be a part of the event. Nazifa has been part of many organizations which had helped her develop communication skill, which helps her to connect with students during her presents. On her spare time, she likes to play sports such as softball and volleyball, participate in adventures outdoor and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her secret to relief stress and survive in University is to always smile and stay happy, no matter what the situation maybe. Feel free to contact her at volunteercommissioner@myepsa.ca.

Anesh Jeyakumar

First year Representative

First Year Representative Anesh is a first-year student in the Environmental Sciences specializing in Physics. In his spare time he likes to spent time in the gym or compose music. He is currently an admin for three Facebook groups (CHMA10/11, PHYA10 and EESA01) which currently holds over 600 students. These groups help students with any questions and concerns they have as well as keeping them updated with upcoming assignments and exams. He joined the team so that he can reach out to the other first year students and encourage them to come out to as many events as possible along with articulating their opinions about the department. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Anesh at firstyearrep@myepsa.ca.

Aryana Singh

First year RepresentativeIMG

Aryana is a first year student planning to complete a double major in Human Biology and French. Volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities have been a huge part of her life and where she has been able to develop her skills. She also has a great interest in the arts and culture. As first year representative, she hopes to bring her creative and cooperative skills to help plan events that interest students as well as voice issue raised by first year students. In addition, she hopes to encourage students to participate and stay connected with events that EPSA will be hosting throughout the year. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns at firstyearrep2@myepsa.ca

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