2016-2017 Executive Team

Aryana Singh


Aryana is a fourth-year student, majoring in Biochemistry and Human Biology. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies or catch up on her favourite TV shows. Through her role as President, she is looking forward to working with an amazing team of executives to improve and provide resources as well as events that cater to student interests. She hopes for EPSA to act as a comprehensive tool to students through their undergraduate education with engaging activities that promote student curiosity in science and assist in the discovery of their future goals. Aryana strongly welcomes any feedback or concerns that the UTSC community has to offer to help improve programming. She is also interested in collaboration in line with EPSA’s mandate and objectives. Please feel free to contact her at president@myepsa.ca!

Nazifa Makrod

Vice President Academicsnazifa-2

Nazifa is a fifth-year student currently finishing up her undergrad degree as a Specialist in Environmental Geoscience. As the new Vice President of Academic’s she hopes to create new events and services for students to benefit from. Her goal is for more of a student-professor involvement in which she will do her best to pursue from events. In Nazifa’s free time she likes to explore different ice-cream places, enjoys watching 4-hour baseball games (DID SOMEONE DAY BLUEJAYS!! 😀 ), and loves to see the beauty that awaits from up top after a long hike. If you have any creative ideas that EPSA can be part of please feel free to send her a email at vpacademics@myepsa.ca

Marcellus Singh

Vice President Financemarcellus-2

Marcellus is third year student at UTSC who is currently pursuing a double major in biochemistry and psychology. As a space enthusiast, Marcellus enjoys watching documentaries such as Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey; however, his true passion lies in the sciences of biology and chemistry. In his free time Marcellus is either playing League of Legends, working out or watching hockey (GO BLACKHAWKS!!). As EPSA’s Vice President of Finance, Marcellus is thrilled to have the opportunity to manage the finances of EPSA. Please do not hesitate to approach him if you have any questions or want to chat. Contact Marcellus at vpfinance@myepsa.ca.

Tina Saravi

Vice President Operationstina-2

Tina is an astrophysics and physic major entering her third year of undergradute studies at UTSC.  This year as your Vice President of Operation, she hopes to uphold EPSA’s mandate in order to bring more accomplishment and more achievements to students for the coming year. In her spare time, she loves to read, watch her Korean dramas, or she’s out and about with her friends. If you have any good book to suggest or have any question regarding EPSA/events you would like to see this year, please don’t hesitate to contact her. Contact her at vpoperations@myepsa.ca

Alishah Shabbir

Vice President Marketingalishah-2

Alishah is a second-year student double majoring in Human Biology and City Studies. In her free time she likes to go exploring the city with her sister as well as reading/writing. She hopes to showcase all that EPSA has to offer in her upcoming year on the team and would only like for the EPSA fam to grow exponentially! Through her role as Vice President Marketing, Alishah would like to bring EPSA and all of its benefits to the public eye. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca

Amna Afreen

Vice President Communicationsamna

Amna is a fourth year student completing a double major in Environmental Science and Human Biology.  As EPSA’s Vice President Communications Amna is looking forward to form a firm bridge between DPES students,EPSA and rest of the associations on campus. Amna is super excited to work closely with the students and bring them the resources they need or the events they want. You can count her love for bugs as something interesting about her. If you have any suggestions or questions email her at vpcommunications@myepsa.ca or visit her in EV264.

Richard De Almeida

Chemistry/Biochemistry Representativerichard

Richard is a third year student completing a double major in biochemistry and psychology. Richard loves to have conversation about literally anything, and he has an opinion on everything which is why he also hosts a podcast called the “Rich and Kyle Show” which can be found on iTunes. He is always looking for what his constituents want and is more than happy to hear any DPES students suggestions or concerns. Go ahead and send him an email at chemrep@myepsa.ca

Mina Kayvani

Astrophysics/Physics Representative15875261_10154806458413376_1345418981640662851_o

Mina is a third year student specializing in Physics and Astrophysics. In her free time, she likes to play video games, watch tv shows, and learn new languages. As Physics Representative, she hopes to address any problems her fellow physics students may come across and to create interesting opportunities for them. She is also responsible for the operations of the Physics Centre, a tutoring space for first year physics courses. Please feel free to email her with any suggestions, questions, and concerns you may have at physicsrep@myepsa.ca or physicscentre@myepsa.ca

Raymond Co

Environmental Science Representativeraymond-2

Raymond is entering into his fourth year of study, specializing in Environmental Geoscience and minoring in Geographic Information Systems. Working in the Mitchell Research Group, his research revolves around hydrochemical analyses in determining anthropogenic influences within the Mimico and Rouge Watersheds of the Greater Toronto Area.  For leisure, he enjoys volunteering, exploring the outdoors, and solving Sudokus. Raymond aims to establish new ways to enhance student experience and address any environmental science concerns. Feel free to drop him an email at environmentalrep@myepsa.ca.

Jiawei (Asher) Xia

First Year Representative15800289_10154806461833376_7175571592195318509_o

Asher is a first year student and currently pursuing studies in the environmental science. When he has free time, he enjoys all kinds of books. He is always curious to everything, especially in the area of science. As the first year representative, he not only wants to improve himself but also make significant contribution to the EPSA. He is full of passion, you can contact with him with any suggestions, questions, and concerns you may have at firstyearrep2@myepsa.ca.

Tina Ko

First Year Representative15875573_10154806572748376_4336243278160018519_o

Tina is a first-year Life Sciences Co-op student, who hopes to specialize in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. As your first year representative, she would love to get as many students to benefit from EPSA events as possible. She is also a fun-loving person who always finds the time to make new friends. Her interests include watching American dramas and playing badminton. She is excited to work with the EPSA team to bring all the fun to UTSC students! She would be more than happy to answer your questions or concerns at firstyearrep1@myepsa.ca.

Matura Inthirakumaran

Academic Affairs Commissionermatura-2

Matura is a third year student currently pursuing a double major in environmental sciences and human biology. In her free time she loves going on adventures with her dog, being a foodie, and travelling. As your academic affairs commissioner, she hopes to help provide academic resources to DPES students and voice any academic concerns that they have. Feel free to contact her at academicaffairs@myepsa.ca.

Melani Suseenthiran

Events Coordinatormelanie-2

Melani is a third year student completing a major in biochemistry as well as a double minor in psychology and biology. In her free time you’ll always find her outdoors, whether it be biking, trying out a new hiking trail or venturing out into the city. As a frequent flier she loves to travel to different destinations, try all sorts of food and meet new people along the way. She is super approachable and always open to hearing any new event ideas you may have for the upcoming year. As your events coordinator she hopes to bring new and exciting events where you can get to know more of the UTSC community. Feel free to reach out to her on campus or shoot her an email with any questions you may have about EPSA at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

Vithusha Coomaran

Events Coordinatorvithusha

Vithusha is a second year student pursuing a double major in neuroscience and psychology. She loves to laugh, travel, and take long, guilt-free naps. As one of two events coordinators this year, she is enthusiastic about helping to plan new and exciting events for UTSC! Don’t hesitate to contact her at eventscoordinator1@myepsa.ca.

Hamza Inayat

Corporate Relations Managerhamza-2

Hamza is a second year student at UTSC who is hoping to double major in Neuroscience and Psychology. As a sports fanatic, Hamza enjoys playing soccer and basketball, as well as playing the piano and dancing. As Corporate Relations Manager, Hamza visions to bring many connections to EPSA, while also building upon EPSA’s reputation as a DSL. Feel free to contact him at corporaterelations@myepsa.ca

Lynn Bui

Marketing Managerlynn-2

Lynn is a second year student currently pursuing a specialist in human biology. Although she is enrolled in a biology program, she has a strong interest in physics and loves to watch videos explaining the physics of daily activities. She loves music, martial arts, and puppies. As the marketing manager, Lynn looks forward to upcoming events and is excited to promote them in new and unique ways. Contact Lynn at  marketingmanager@myepsa.ca

Ariel Dasrath

Graphic Designerariel

Ariel is a third year student doing a double major in Neuroscience and Mental Health who has always had a passion for the sciences. Growing up with an aerospace engineer for a father, she has been submerged in the field of physics with countless home projects and experiments since a very young age. She is very excited to be a part of this team and help bring to life all the events that have been planned for the upcoming year! Please feel free to contact her with any questions/concerns/ideas at designer@myepsa.ca!

Janessa Alejandria

Graphic Designerjanessa-2

Janessa is a second-year student currently pursuing a major in environmental science. She enjoys drawing, good food, and exploring used bookstores, among other things. As one of EPSA’s graphic designers, she hopes you’ll be interested in all the events and opportunities EPSA has to offer. If you’d like to contact her with any questions, comments, or suggestions, send an email to designer2@myepsa.ca!

Ajitha Kananathalingam

Volunteer Commissionerajitha-2

Ajitha is entering her fourth year of study, double majoring in Biochemistry co-op and Mental Health Studies. During her free time she enjoys eating out, going on long drives and listening to music. As your new volunteer commissioner, she hopes to give students on campus a chance to be a part of EPSA events to have an opportunity to build strong connections with other students, faculty and EPSA execs. If you have any questions feel free to contact her at volunteer@myepsa.ca.

Michelle Feigis

SPECTRUM Directormichelle-2

Michelle Feigis is a third year student majoring in Biochemistry and Environmental Science, and minoring in Computer Science. In her role as SPECTRUM Director, she hopes to expand and revitalize EPSA’s blog, providing a creative outlet for students with an interest in writing and the fusion of both science and art. In her free time, you’ll find Michelle cuddling her dog, hiking, reading, attending concerts, and discovering unique experiences in the city. If you any questions, comments, or suggestions, send an email to spectrum@myepsa.ca


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