Executive Team

Melani Suseenthiran


Melani is a fourth year student completing a major in biochemistry as well as a double minor in psychology and biology. She loves to travel to different destinations, try all sorts of food and meet new people along the way. As your President for the upcoming year she hopes to bring new, exciting events where you can get to know more of the UTSC community, make connections with faculty and provide information which can help students pave their career paths. Feel free to reach out to her on campus or shoot her an email with any questions you may have about EPSA at president@myepsa.ca!

Raymond Co

Vice President Academics

Raymond is a fifth year student studying Environmental Geoscience and GIS.  He is highly involved with the academic community and is a part of the Mitchell Research Group at UTSC. Much of his time is devoted in volunteering, Youtube, and solving Sudokus.  As the VP Academics, Raymond plans to further integrate students and professors and enhance the academic experience of DPES individuals.  Feel free to send him an email at vpacademics@myepsa.ca.   

Marcellus Singh

Vice President Financemarcellus-2

Marcellus is fourth year student at UTSC who is currently pursuing a double major in biochemistry and psychology. As a space enthusiast, Marcellus enjoys watching documentaries such as Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey; however, his true passion lies in the sciences of biology and chemistry. In his free time Marcellus is either playing League of Legends, working out or watching hockey (GO BLACKHAWKS!!). As EPSA’s Vice President of Finance, Marcellus is thrilled to have the opportunity to manage the finances of EPSA. Please do not hesitate to approach him if you have any questions or want to chat. Contact Marcellus at vpfinance@myepsa.ca.

Vithusha Coomaran

Vice President Operations

Vithusha is a third year student pursuing a double major in neuroscience and psychology. She loves to laugh, travel, and take long, guilt-free naps. As your Vice President of Operations this year, she hopes to uphold EPSA’s feats and plan exciting events. Don’t hesitate to contact her at vpoperations@myepsa.ca.

Richard De Almeida

Vice President Marketing

Richard is a fourth year student completing a double major in biochemistry and psychology. Richard loves TV, movies, and especially stand-up comedy. He is always looking for ways he can inform students of all the great events EPSA provides to its constituents and is more than happy to hear any DPES students suggestions or concerns. Go ahead and send him an email at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca

Matura Inthirakumaran

Vice President Communications

Matura is a fourth year student currently pursuing a double major in environmental sciences and human biology. In her free time she loves napping, being a foodie, and travelling.  This is her third year on the EPSA team and she hopes to bridge the gap between DPES students and various other associations on campus. Feel free to contact her at vpcommunications@myepsa.ca if you have any concerns or questions.

Aliya Shafi

Chemistry/Biochemistry Representative

Aliya is a third year student working on a double major in Biochemistry and Human Biology. Apart from school, Aliya enjoys painting and playing softball for UofT’s fastpitch team. Through her role as Chemistry Representative, she is looking forward to help run the ChemAid Centre, and to hearing from any DPES students if they’ve got any questions, concerns or suggestions! Reach out to her at chemrep@myepsa.ca

Daniel Douglas

Astrophysics/Physics Representative

Daniel is a third year student pursuing a specialist in physics and astrophysics. For fun, Daniel enjoys everything that involves the outdoors and spending ridiculous amounts of money on shawarma. He is eager to help run the Physics Aid Centre and wants to offer all the help he can to anyone who needs it! Feel free to contact him at physicsrep@myepsa.ca or physicsaidcentre@myepsa.ca

Jacob Mastin

Environmental Science Representative

Jacob is a second year student pursuing a specialist in Environmental Chemistry. In his spare time he enjoys playing volleyball, searching for new and obscure music, and keeping up with politics. Jacob is always more than happy to respond and assist with any questions or issues that may come up, as well as any suggestions. He can be contacted at environmentalrep@myepsa.ca

Vathani Ilamurugan

Events Coordinator

Vathani is a fourth year student specializing in human biology. She loves music, working out, and binge watching the office. She can’t wait to plan new events for the upcoming school year. Feel free to contact her at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

Apsara Syed-Abthagir

Events Coordinator

Apsara Syed-Abthagir is a fourth year student pursuing a major in environmental science. She enjoys spending her time travelling, gardening and painting. Apsara hopes to embody students’ ideas and execute various events that enhance students’ life at UTSC. In addition to conducting seminars, she hopes to execute mix and mingles which allow students to interact with fellow peers and faculty members. Apsara is very friendly and is open to suggestions so if you have any questions or ideas, send her an email at eventscoordinator1@myepsa.ca

Lynn Bui

Marketing Managerlynn-2

Lynn is a 3rd year student currently pursuing a specialist in human biology. Although she is enrolled in a biology program, she has a strong interest in physics and loves to watch videos explaining the physics of daily activities. As the marketing manager, Lynn looks forward to upcoming events and is excited to promote them in new and unique ways. Contact Lynn at  marketingmanager@myepsa.ca

Ariel Dasrath

Graphic Designer

Ariel is a fourth year student doing a double major in Neuroscience and Mental Health who has always had a passion for arielthe sciences. Growing up with an aerospace engineer for a father, she has been submerged in the field of physics with countless home projects and experiments since a very young age. She is very excited to be a part of this team and help bring to life all the events that have been planned for the upcoming year! Please feel free to contact her with any questions/concerns/ideas at designer@myepsa.ca!

Janessa Alejandria

Graphic Designerjanessa-2

Janessa is a 3rd year student pursuing a major in Environmental Science. Outside of school, she enjoys making art, enjoying good food, and used book shopping. She hopes to promote events as a graphic designer, helping students learn more about events happening around school. Feel free to direct any questions or comments at designer2@myepsa.ca.

Gian Carlo Tan


Gian Carlo is a fourth year student pursuing a specialist in Human Biology. In his spare time he actively pursues interests related to basketball, hockey, video games, television, and politics. He hopes that he can help to make events and activities engage more students while helping them with their academic pursuits. Feel free to direct and questions, comments, or concerns to webmaster@myepsa.ca

Dushara Ragavachari

Volunteer Commissioner

Dushara is a second-year student, double majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. During her spare time, she enjoys singing and catching up on her favourite TV shows. As the Volunteer Commissioner, Dushara hopes to provide an excellent opportunity to the students on campus to be part of events organized by EPSA and assist them in building strong connections with the UTSC community. She also visions to bring innovative ideas to the team and enhance its reputation. She is very passionate and approachable! Feel free to contact her at volunteer@myepsa.ca.

Sharon Yoon


Sharon is a fourth year student specializing in neuroscience. In her free time she likes to hike with her dog, watch travel vlogs and jam on the piano. As the new spectrum director, she hopes to showcase the creative and innovative ideas of students in science. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact her at spectrum@myepsa.ca.

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