Featuring Photos taken by SPECTRUM Photographers Yona Al-Tahir and Gail Teope
Did you know that the start of Autumn is defined by the equinox, around September 22nd? Equinox occurs twice yearly in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the point when day and night are around the same length as determined by the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

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By: Cole Reynolds
Water Resources Management is an issue that requires collaboration; biologists, geologists, chemists, agriculturalists, and locals all need to work together and share information between each other for the common goal of making drinking water clean and accessible. […]

By: Julia Paiva, SPECTRUM Writer

Starting university can be nerve wracking. Whether it’s the first time you’re living on your own, trying to navigate Quercus, or figuring out how you’ll balance coursework while maintaining a social life, university comes with plenty of first-time situations. For many of us, new experiences are accompanied by both excitement, as […]