By: Julia Paiva, SPECTRUM Writer
          Many individuals develop phobias  toward insects, whether it be the black widow spiders found in UTSC labs, or the pesky bugs lurking within cottages. But perhaps the most fearsome type of bugs are found at the microscopic level, the kind that are resilient against human interference– Superbugs.  These dangerous forms of […]

By: Deeana Saminathan, SPECTRUM Writer

       Have you ever wondered how candy is made? How about how it’s able to stay fresh well past Halloween? While candies come in all shapes and textures: chewy like fudge, fluffy like cotton candy, hard like a lollipop and crunchy like rock candy, the method to making these different types of […]

By: Talia Ho, SPECTRUM Writer
The TRAPPIST-1 system consists of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a red dwarf star. (NASA-JPL/Caltech)
        Have you ever dreamt of life outside of Earth? The idea of alien life has captivated the imaginations of millions through television and movies. It seems like everyone has met someone with a UFO […]

Written by: Julia Paiva, SPECTRUM WRITER
Many countries are looking into cleaner, more sustainable methods of producing energy. Some of these technologies are closer than others in becoming a valid energy source that can rival current processes such as coal, but their very existence shows promise for future research in the physical and environmental sciences. The […]