By: Cole Reynolds
Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and many of us have treated either ourselves or someone we know on that day. As I was looking for jewellery for someone, I started realizing most of the necklaces, rings and earrings I came across were out of my budget, especially the diamond ones. With OSAP debt […]

By: Sowmiya Wigneswaran
Everyday, millions of people worldwide heat their homes, take public transportation, and power industrial factories. These events involving electricity are certainly not rare. In fact, these things are so common that many of us don’t even bat our eyes at how much energy we are using. However, considering the origins of the crude […]

Looking to join our Executive Team this upcoming year and make a difference in your school community? Well here’s your chance! EPSA is hiring for the 2019-2020 school year!
To apply for a HIRED position, please follow the guidelines on this Application form: Hiring-2019-Application-Form
To apply for an ELECTED position, please CLICK HERE to access the google form
Familiarize yourself with EPSA’s constitution: EPSA-New-Constitution-Draft_Website
Questions? […]

By: Deeana Saminathan
There are many types of career options that exist in the chemistry field. Here are what some experts are calling the top ten career pathways:

Analytical Chemist

Analytical chemists utilize their expertise to analyze substances, identify the existing components, as well as the behaviour and the reaction of the components. The analysis of drugs and […]