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APGO Knowledge Requirements & Earth Ring Information

"To practice as a professional geoscientist in Ontario, Geoscientists Canada recommends a 4-year bachelor of science degree in an area of geoscience awarded by a Canadian university, or the equivalent, which meets the entry level knowledge requirements set by the APGO Registration Committee and as approved by Council. All credentials are assessed by the Registration Committee against the specified knowledge requirements to determine if the APGO minimum criteria for admission to professional practice have been met."  ­

 - Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario

The Earth Science Ring Ceremony, a ritual of welcome into the profession of newly qualified geologists and geophysicists by senior practicing Earth scientists, started in Alberta in 1975. This yearly tradition for the university geoscience graduating classes at Edmonton and Calgary has spread to other provinces and jurisdictions in Canada. The ceremony carries many of the same passages written by Kipling for the Engineers' Iron Ring Ceremony and symbolizes the commitment and responsibility that come with wearing the title of a professional.

Like the engineer’s iron ring, the Earth science ring’s simplicity and strength bear witness to the calling of the geologist and geophysicist. The ring is made of silver/gold/platinum and marked with the crossed hammer of geology and with the seismic trace of geophysics -signifying both the immediate and the remote searching out of Nature's knowledge. Without beginning and without end, it also represents for those who wear it the continuous interplay of ideas and of material realities.

The ceremony includes a charge (speech) by senior Earth scientists and an obligation (pledge) taken by the group of newly graduated geologists and geophysicists.

The Earth Ring was started over 40 years ago in Alberta, and was first introduced to the University of Toronto St. George campus in 2012. In 2016, University of Toronto Scarborough campus collaborated with St.George for this tradition to be brought to students in the Department of Physical and Environmental Science.

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