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Techniques in Analytical Chemistry (CHMB16)

The Science of Starting Something New

Starting university can be nerve wracking. Whether it’s the first time you’re living on your own, trying to navigate Quercus, or figuring out how you’ll balance coursework while maintaining a social life, university comes with plenty of first-time situations. For many of us, new experiences are accompanied by both excitement, as well as nervousness. But why do we feel nervous when we logically know no danger is near?



Introduction to Introductory Chemistry: The Do’s and Don’ts

CHMA10, the first chemistry course you will take at UTSC. There must be tonnes of questions running through your head as you prepare for success; What should I bring to my lectures? Should I take hand-written notes, or type on my laptop? Should I do my readings before or after the lecture? Should I review my notes from Gr. 12? This article is written to alleviate your stress, and give you guidelines to help you succeed in this course. 


        The Scarborough campus of U of T is unique in a few noticeable ways. Close to us we have the Valley, which offers an excellent learning environment for science students at UTSC to get hands on experience in field work. We are also a smaller campus, offering opportunities that are arguably harder to come by at U of T’s other larger campuses.


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