Chemistry Help Centre – The Chemistry Help Centre is a joint initiative between the Biology Students’ Association, Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ Association, and the Chemistry Society. The purpose of this Centre is to foster an environment that will allow science students to grasp the concepts of CHMA10/A11 and CHMB41/B42.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10AM-12PM and 2:30-3:30PM

Located in EV502

Physics Study Centre – Physics Study Centre Tutoring is a program offered to students in first-year physics and astronomy. It aims to support students with (i) a quiet and active environment to interact with colleagues in their class, and (ii) direct access to volunteer tutors who have excelled in first-year course material. The program is open to students in PHYA10/PHYA11/PHYA21/PHYA22 as well as ASTA01/ASTA02.

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 11AM-3PM

Located in SW503

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