2012-2013 Executive Team

Olivia Lun


Olivia is currently a fourth year student completing a specialist in co-op Environmental Chemistry. As President, she hopes to alleviate any concerns that students in studying in this field may have, or direct them to appropriate faculty when needed. She believes together with this new generation of EPSA executives, they will be able to bring to students the necessary tools for academic (and non-academic) purposes. The bridge between faculty and students in the department will continue with construction and also expand to other departmental student associations and clubs. She encourages students to get involved in on-campus extra curricular activities, especially ones that EPSA hosts! Stay tuned for superbly exciting events! Questions, comments or concerns? The email is president@myespa.ca!

Jananthini Sivabasgaran

Vice President Academics

Jananthini is a third year student at UTSC, currently enrolled in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP). She plans on completing a double major in Chemistry and French. In her spare time, she loves singing, dancing, listening to music, and baking cupcakes. Jan is very excited to be a part of EPSA once again this year. She joined the team so that she can reach out to all the other students and encourage them to come out to as many events as possible along with voicing their opinions about the department. If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact her at @myepsa.ca. Gooooo EPSA! :)

Hyung Yoon

Vice President Communications

Hyung is a fourth year student, currently double majoring in biochemistry and neuroscience. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, listening to music and socializing with friends. As the vp communications, he hopes to work along with other members of the association to notify students of their possible options in the field of environmental and physical science. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact him at @myepsa.ca

Jolie Lam

Vice President Operations

This girl will feel extremely old by saying this but she is still proud to say: I’m back for the fourth time! Jolie is a fourth year student at UTSC, aiming for a specialist degree in Biological Chemistry (Co-op). In her spare time, she likes reading fiction and listening to music. She also loves randomly bursting into singing and stuffing herself full of ice-cream. She was previously EPSA’s office manager, vice-president academics and vice-president communications. This year she is very excited to return to the executive team as vice-president operations. She hopes to know each and every one of you in the science community better and make your stay at UTSC a Big Bang! Feel free to contact her at vpoperations@myepsa.ca.

Piranavi Jeyagaran

Vice President Marketing

Piranavi is a third year UTSC student, currently enrolled in the Life Science program. Although her future career path is undecided, she has overwhelming interests in the field of human biology. While attending school for sciences, her hobbies drift in the arts and sports. Beyond the school environment, she designs through many mediums, is an avid soccer fan, active musician and loves doodling! In relation to her interests she is the vice president marketing for EPSA. Through this position she hopes to make EPSA a DSA that revolutionizes the students’ typical perception of the sciences with graphics. I hope to reach out to the students of UTSC by designing many graphical pieces for events, and fundraisers, and marketing events that will benefit you as a science student. Get ready for the new collaborative team. But of course, your input is always appreciated. Don’t hesitate to come share your ideas as well as concerns at our office. She can be contacted at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca.

Nikoo Norouzian

Chemistry/Biochemistry Representative

Nikoo is a second year student enrolled in Chemistry Co-op, hoping to double major in Chemistry and Psychology. She enjoys singing, yoga, watching Korean dramas, and hanging out with friends. She is really happy to join the EPSA team and hopes to get to know more of the science students at UTSC! Feel free to contact Nikoo any time at .

Suman Dhal

Environmental Science Representative

Suman is currently a third year student completing a double major in Environmental Science co-op and Biochemistry. She has a good knowledge of any guidance that students may require concerning courses, professors and the co-op program in the environmental sciences. She is extremely excited to be part of the committee and wishes to ensure that the environmental science students get the best out of their department. She encourages all environmental science students to attend the mix and mingles held by EPSA and take the opportunity to introduce themselves to their professors. She promises to try her best at making the 2012-2013 EPSA year successful. If you have any questions or concerns and/or feedback, feel free to contact her anytime at environmentalrep@myepsa.ca or drop in during her office hours. Think GREEN UTSC =)!

Christopher Tomas

Physics Representative

Chris(Topher) is a fifth year student in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program studying a major in Astrophysics and Physics and a second major in biochemistry. He has an interest in playing sports, such as hockey and soccer. He also has a strong ambition to start a Quidditch league, yes Quidditch :). As a pretty skilled trumpet player, he thinks he should join the band again. His goals as the Physics Rep. are to have the Physics Aid Centre provide the optimum learning environment for first year physics and astronomy students. He can be contacted at physicsrep@myepsa.ca

Shivarni Singh

Events Coordinator

Shivarni is a second year student, currently doing a double major in Biochemistry and Political Science. As the Social Events Co-ordinator, she hopes to plan some exciting events for EPSA and UTSC this year…star-gazing & skiing anyone? She wishes to get more students involved in the events that EPSA hosts and broaden EPSA’s reach to all students. She would love to make everyone’s experiences with this DSA memorable, because it’s a great group with much to offer. Stay tuned into the website and advertisements around school for more information year round! Feel free to contact her at eventscoordinator@myepsa.ca.

Howin Chang


Howin is currently a fourth year student studying a double major in biochemistry and psychology. He likes listening to music, drawing, playing video games, breathing, sleeping and eating. As a webmaster he will work to promote EPSA’s image and initiatives online and keep everyone up to date on what is happening. He will work with the executives in promoting the numerous events in the coming year. Contact him at webmaster@myepsa.ca.

Rhokini Kunaesan

Volunteer Coordinator

Rhokini is in her third year in a double major of Environment Science and Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution. When she’s not running around the university, she spends her time with friends and family (and videogames). She’s dedicated in helping out other people, and hopes that students will reach out to EPSA and participate as much as possible! To contact, please email volunteer.coordinator@myepsa.ca

Jeanny Yao

First Year Representative

Jeanny is a first-year student in the Environmental Sciences Co-op program at UTSC. She loves science and is currently a student research assistant at Dr. Fulthorpe’s laboratory for graduate students. She enjoys cooking and gardening, reading novels, networking with different people, getting involved extra-curriculars, and participating in outdoor activities. As EPSA’s First-Year Representative, Jeanny hopes to get to know all her fellow first-years and to plan more social events where students and staff can interact and connect with one another. Please don’t hesitate to approach her if you have questions or suggestions for EPSA (or about anything else really =). Contact Jeanny at firstyearrep@myepsa.ca!!

Lukman Nahle

Marketing Manager

Sendujan Rajalingam

Web Assistant

Sendujan is currently a first year student going into the Applied Microbiology Joint program. He enjoys watching anime, listening to music (R&B, Hip-hop, whatever sounds good), sketching, surfing the web, cooking and baking. Through EPSA, Sendujan hopes to meet incredible people and get involved with various school events and projects to promote environmental and physical sciences to current and prospective students. As Web-Assistant, Sendujan will assist with the maintenance and daily updates for the EPSA website. If you have any questions, please contact Sendujan at webassistant@myepsa.ca.

Alah Amsdr

Academic Commissioner

Alah is a 3rd year student currently doing a double major in Human Biology and Environmental Science. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking, and socializing with friends. As the academic commissioner, she hopes to work with other EPSA members to provide UTSC students with many seminars and fairs that will showcase possible career options in their related field. Feel free to contact her anytime at academiccommissioner@myepsa.ca with any questions/comments you may have or drop by during office hours.

Danny Tat

Senior Adviser

Danny is currently a fourth year student that is in the Environmental Technician Joint Program. Being part of EPSA for all four years of his university career, it has been very helpful to for and he hopes that he can pass his knowledge down. As senior adviser of EPSA, he will continue to help out with EPSA and students in the department by using his previous experiences as president and other positions.