2015-2016 Executive Team

Aryana Singh


Aryana is a third-year student, double majoring in Biochemistry and Human Biology. Through her role as President, she is looking forward to collectively working with an amazing team of executives in order to provide resources and organize events that cater to student interests. She hopes for EPSA to act as a comprehensive tool to students through their undergraduate education with engaging activities that promote student curiosity in science and assist in the discovery of their future goals. Aryana strongly welcomes any feedback or concerns that the UTSC community has to offer to help improve programming. She is also interested in collaboration in line with EPSA’s mandate and objectives. Please feel free to contact her at president@myepsa.ca!

Kevin Ng

Vice President Academics

Kevin is in his fourth year of studies at UTSC and is in the Environmental Geoscience Specialist Co-op program. He is intrigued by nature and is an Undergraduate Researcher in the Mitchell Research Group. His current research interests are in urban physical hydrology and mercury biogeochemical cycling in peatlands. Whenever you don’t find him doing research, you would probably have better luck finding him the great Canadian wilderness. Kevin likes travel in his adventures and loves to canoe, kayak, mountain bike, and climb. In the winter, he loves to ski, winter camp and skate. He had completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Gold Standard and is an Outdoor Skills Development leader. As EPSA’s Vice President of Academics, Kevin aims to bring new academic resources to DPES as well as attend to any academic concerns students might have in our department. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kevin at vpacademics@myepsa.ca.

Adrian Lorenzana

Vice President Operations

Adrian is a fourth year student majoring in Human Biology and double minoring in Psychology and Anthropology. His favourite hobbies include playing and writing music, creative writing, and singing. He is very passionate in helping his community and in taking on various leadership roles on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. As returning Vice-President Operations, he hopes to expand EPSA through the help of his team and students at UTSC, and to provide students with affordable and engaging resources and social events throughout the entire year! If you have any questions or concerns about what EPSA can provide for you, feel free to email me at vpoperations@myepsa.ca..

Mathurhaen Siri

Vice President Marketing

Mathurhaen is a fourth year student, completing a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. With the experiences derived from holding former EPSA executive positions, he hopes to build upon his skills in order to steer EPSA through unexplored avenues. Having brought forth bold initiatives to the table, such as revamping EPSA’s logo, Mathurhaen hopes to continue paying homage to his idea of thinking differently and taking calculated risks. As Vice President Marketing, he is open to unique marketing strategies and collaborations with other campus groups in order to better advertise EPSA’s events, promotions, and services to the student community at UTSC. Mathurhaen can be contacted via email at vpmarketing@myepsa.ca, or in person during his office hours.

Nazifa Makrod

Vice President Outreach

Nazifa is entering her fourth year as a proud UTSC student. She is specializing in environmental Geoscience. As the VP Outreach for the new school year her job is to inform students about event and involve students with in the Environmental and Physical science community. Nazifa has been on the team for two years and understands the needs and wants of the students. Her goal for the school year is to create events that are fun and most importantly beneficial to all of the UTSC student body. Nazifa is a very outgoing and an adventurous kind of person. She enjoys traveling, exporting, hiking etc. Her advice to students would be to smile and keep going! :)

Michelle Feigis

Chemistry/Biochemistry Representative

Michelle is a second-year student aiming to complete a double major in Biochemistry Co-op and Environmental Science. An avid nature lover, her many interests include science research, sustainability, books, music, sports and just about anything she finds remotely interesting. As the Chemistry Representative for the 2015-2016 academic year, she is looking forward to maintaining the Chem Aid Centre (CAC) and improving it through student feedback! Questions, concerns or suggestions? Feel free to contact Michelle at chemrep@myepsa.ca.

Kevin Exusty

Astrophysics/Physics Representative

Kevin is currently a 3rd year student in the Specialist Physics and Astrophysics program with a minor in Computer Science. He will be directing the Physics Aid Centre (PAC) found on the fifth floor of SW (Science Wing). PAC is designed to assist students in their studies in Physics and Astrophysics. Tutors from various years will be present at PAC helping any student needing assistant in their studies. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send him an email at physicsrep@myepsa.ca or physicsaidcentre@myepsa.ca .

Vikash Narine

Executive Assistant

Vikash is a fourth year student completing a Specialist in Environmental Geoscience. He is committed to the development of EPSA through the process of social connection. Vikash brings years of event planning and organizational experience. In his spare time Vikash loves fishing for large mouth bass, collecting records, cuddling with his dog, and watching every television series. Vikash is the bringer of chill and on a mission to pet as many puppies as he can in his lifetime. Feel free to email suggests, comments, or concerns to executativeassistant@myepsa.ca

Rikesh Patel

Financial Manager

Rikesh is currently a fourth year student at UTSC double majoring in Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Disease and Neuroscience. He has an array of knowledge in finance and budgeting to bring to the EPSA team as the financial manager due to his previous work experience and private ventures. His role on the team will be to write proposals/reimbursements, assist in budgeting, and bring events to students at affordable costs. Rikesh loves to socialize and meet new people so if you ever see him in the halls, feel free to come up and say “Hi!” You’ll find him playing pick-up games of ultimate frisbee, soccer, football, badminton, and tennis or checking out the latest lively affair happening in the city. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t be shy, and send an email to him at financialmanager@myepsa.ca.

Tina Saravi

Events Coordinator

Tina is a second year student looking forward to majoring in Astrophysics and Physics. As your Events Coordinator for this year, she is excited to plan many exciting events for following year. She is readily able to provide you with all the information and the resources related to EPSA events. In her free time, she loves playing flag football, eating Asian cuisine, and reading a good book. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or concerns regarding EPSA, at eventcooridnator1@myepsa.ca

Marcellus Singh

Events Coordinator

Marcellus is a second year student at UTSC who is currently pursuing a double major in biochemistry and psychology. As a space enthusiast, Marcellus enjoys watching documentaries such as Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey; however his true passion lies in the sciences of biology and chemistry. In his free time Marcellus is either playing video games or watching hockey (GO BLACKHAWKS!!). As one of EPSA’s Event Coordinators, Marcellus is thrilled to have the opportunity to plan many entertaining social events. His goal is to arrange fun events that help to foster a sense of community among UTSC students. Please do not hesitate to approach him if you have any questions or ideas for upcoming EPSA events. Contact Marcellus at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

Leshawn Benedict


Leshawn is a fourth year student at UTSC, double majoring in biochemistry (co-op) and biology, while taking on a minor in psychology. In his spare time he is on RealGM or other sports sites looking up the latest on any basketball related activities in the NBA. He is the biggest Toronto Raptors fan on campus. Whenever he eats, for some reason, he always finds himself on YouTube learning about the latest in the tech world (shout out to Marques Brownlee). As the designer, he plans on connecting the gap between students and faculty through designing many graphical pieces for the various events EPSA holds. He is also knowledgeable in the various courses offered at UTSC (mostly anything in the biology, chemistry or psychology department). So if you need help with your course selections or have questions about anything, please feel free to send an email at designer1@myepsa.ca and he will be more than happy to help out!

Varun Sharma


Varun is a second year student studying Computer Science in the Software Engineering specialist co-op program. Varun’s hobbies include just about any sport (ball is life) and app development. Other than EPSA, Varun is also Director of Careers and Advancement for AMACSS and a member of The Hub at UTSC. Having a background in web development Varun has decided to take on the role of Webmaster at EPSA. Varun deals with the online audience of EPSA meaning the operation and the web designing of www.myepsa.ca , our Facebook page, our Twitter page and Instagram. Varun likes to hear feedback about the website and ways he can improve it to it’s best, so feel free to let him know. Also if you have any questions about his role here at EPSA or about our online sector or just anything at all, do not hesitate to contact him anytime at webmaster@myepsa.ca.

Amna Afreen

External Affairs Commissioner

Amna is a third year student pursuing a double major in Human biology and Environmental Science.  She believes that for any department the enthusiasm of its undergraduate students is very important.  Thus, as the external affairs commissioner of EPSA, Amna is looking forward to creating opportunities for students to get involved in. Amna enjoys taking part in charity events  and will like to encourage students from all disciplines to take part in events organized by EPSA. She will be organizing partnerships between EPSA and various national and international NGOs.  Amna wants to bring meaning to your undergraduate experience thus, she welcomes all comments and concerns you might have as a DPES student.  Feel free to contact her through her e-mail; externalaffairs@myepsa.ca.

Alishah Shabbir

First Year Representative

Alishah is a first-year student double majoring in Human Biology and Biochemistry. Through her role as First Year Representative, she is excited to be a part of the EPSA community. More specifically, her role includes the ability to connect and interact with other first-years at UTSC while acting as a liaison between the students and the association. She looks forward to gaining a strong sense of leadership in her role while learning from her fellow executives on the team. If you don’t see her in the library studying or chatting with friends, she can be found eating, catching a bus, or sleeping. In her free time, Alishah likes to sing, draw, and dance. So if you ever need someone to have a good laugh with or even someone to wave awkwardly in the hall to, she’s your girl. Don’t be shy to strike up a conversation if you ever see her around campus or you can contact her via email at firstyearrep2@myepsa.ca.


Hamza Inayat

First Year Representative


Hamza is a first year student majoring in Neuroscience and Human Biology. As your first year representative, he is committed to having first year students involved with EPSA and the UTSC community. He looks forward to giving assistance to individuals through more exposure to EPSA along with the resources and opportunities the organization has to offer. When not around books or any sort of academic related work, Hamza enjoys dancing, playing the piano, as well as competing in athletic activities such as soccer and basketball. Feel free to reach out to Hamza with any questions/concerns regarding EPSA, or to discuss about your transition into the role of a first year student atfirstyearrep1@epsa.ca.

Matura Inthirakumaran

Environmental Science Representative


Matura is a second year student completing a double major in Human Biology and Environmental Sciences Co-op. As your environmental science representative, she is excited to work with students and help them access the several resources available. In her spare time she loves volunteering at her local vet clinic and going on adventures with her dog. She is very outgoing and if there are any concerns, questions, or comments please feel free to email at her at environmentalrep@myespa.ca