2021 – 2022 EXECUTIVE TEAM

President – Michael Clement

Michael is in his fifth year of schooling majoring in both Chemistry and Philosophy. Outside of EPSA, Michael enjoys making music, looking at fashion and having a heck of a good time.

As President of EPSA, Michael hopes to create the same welcoming environment for the rest of his DPES members that was given to him when he joined the school.

Feel free to reach Michael at: president@myepsa.ca 



Ansley is in her last year double majoring in Biochemistry and Health Studies- Population health with a minor in Environmental Science. She loves anything that has to do with Japan and during her free time she enjoys listening to music, writing and reading stories, and of course, napping whenever she can. 

As the VP of Operations, Ansley hopes to continue encouraging and assisting DPES students in succeeding during their undergraduate studies by providing a variety of resources and  opportunities to help students make informed decisions regarding their academic career while having fun and expanding their social network by attending the social events the Operations team have in mind.

Feel free to reach Ansley at: vpoperations@myepsa.ca


VP ACADEMICS – Nahidha Jauhar

Nahidha is a fourth year student doing a specialist in Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Applied Statistics. In her free time, she enjoys reading science fiction and mystery novels, learning new languages, and trying new recipes! 

As the VP of Academics she hopes to help organize events and provide a plethora of opportunities for students to help them succeed in their undergraduate studies.

Feel free to reach out at vpacademics@myepsa.ca



VP Finance – Marcellina Kristiani

Marce is entering her second year pursuing a double major in environmental science/ environmental studies with a minor in GIS (a program that doesn’t get enough hype!) She loves to spend time outdoors with friends and family, and is a budding carpenter who would love to build her own house one day. 🏠🎉

In her role as VP Finance, she’s excited to delve into the backend of running a DSA and help organize and run events within the allocated budget. 😊 Marce is looking forward to getting to know everyone, so feel free to reach out with any interesting facts, jokes, questions, or concerns at vpfinance@myepsa.ca


Financial Manager – Joyce Liang

Joyce is a third year student specializing in Neuroscience, and it’s also her third year with EPSA! 🤩 When she’s not watching dance videos and dog videos, she’s exploring downtown Toronto for the food (let me know if you have any recommendations) or meeting new people! 🥰

As the Financial Manager, Joyce hopes to provide exciting opportunities for DPES students through helping with the nitty-gritty arrangements behind the scenes. ✍️

Feel free to reach out at financialmanager1@myepsa.ca 

Environmental Science Director – Eva Yamamoto

Eva is entering her final year of study, pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, and a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).🌎✨ In her spare time, she loves being outside in the sun, petting every dog/animal that passes by, and cheffin’ it up!☀️❣️👩🏽‍🍳

 As the Environmental Science Director, she hopes to share her passion for environmental science with the student community both virtually and in person, and to establish new ways to enhance student experiences and address any environmental science/studies concerns.🍀🎉 Eva is always looking forward to meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to reach out!🥰

 Feel free to reach Eva at: envirosci@epsa.ca


Environmental Studies Director – Seviliya gulyamova 

Seviliya is a second-year student majoring in Environmental Studies, and minoring in International Development & City Studies. She often spends her spare time exploring the city and meeting up with friends. 

As Environmental Studies Director, she aspires to bridge the gap between students and professors regarding this field of study. Seviliya is excited to meet the rest of the student body through EPSA events!

Feel free to reach Seviliya at: environmentalrep@myepsa.ca

Geoscience Rep – Charlotte wargniez

Charlotte is a 3rd year pursuing a Specialist in Environmental Geoscience. If she’s not out and about chasing scenic hiking trails, she’s ripping down the ski slopes. 

As the first Geoscience representative at EPSA, Charlotte hopes to create a sense of community and have a positive lasting impact on the continuation of the division. Whether through academic workshops or fun geology events, she’ll make sure to make this year rock!


Physics Director – Kanakom Thongmeesang (Guy)

Guy is in his 3rd year, studying in a physics and astrophysics specialist program. This odd fellow has a mind of his own. If he’s not in his room stressing over stuff that won’t ever happen, he would be dancing to old 2000s music around the campus. 

As a physics director, Guy hopes to strengthen the bond within the UTSC physics community. He believes every little effort helps in creating something impactful. If you ever meet this “guy” in person, don’t forget to ask how to spell his name!

Feel free to reach him at: physicsrep@myepsa.ca



Mikaela is a 3rd year student pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Health Studies – Population Health. During her free time, you can always see her watching dramas, cooking, and finding new bubble tea locations (if you guys know a good place, please let me know!).

As one of the Events Coordinator of EPSA, she along with her partners – Khanisha and Sukriti- plan exciting events for students to learn more about DPES and have students engage with one another. 

Feel free to reach her at eventssocial@myepsa.ca

EVENTS COORDINATOR – Khanisha Singaravadivel

Khanisha is a second-year student double majoring in chemistry and environmental science. She loves doing puzzles, reading, doing yoga, going on walks and has a passion for helping others 😊🧩🧪📚

As one of the event coordinators, Khanisha will work with her fellow execs to create meaningful and engaging events, that will hopefully get students more interested and open to being involved on campus 🎉🎆

Feel free to reach out to her at eventscoordinator1@myepsa.ca


Event Coordinator – Sukriti Kothari

Sukriti is a second year student pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and Human Biology. She enjoys reading and baking, and loves to meet new people! 

As one of the Events Coordinators, she is eager to work towards creating lots of fun and engaging events this year, both academic and social. She hopes to provide students with countless opportunities to connect with other members of the UTSC community!

Feel free to contact her at: eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca


Social Media Assistant – Nadine Latchana

Nadine is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She often spends her time exploring new cities and finding new restaurants.

As the social media assistant, Nadine hopes to share with students the exciting events EPSA has to offer. As well as informing students on important and engaging content.


Discord Manager – Fatima (Farooqi) Farooq

Farooqi is a 3rd year student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. If she’s not studying, napping, or working, she’s making bad plays in games. 

As Discord Manager, she designs and keeps up with the official EPSA discord server. You’ll find her tweaking things and making announcements every now and then. Join the EPSA discord to reach out and say ‘hi’! :D

Graphic Designer – Patricia Lumanto

Patricia is going into her second year specializing in biological chemistry and minoring in environmental management. She loves trying new things, meeting new people and going on road trips.🚗

As one of the graphic designers this academic year, she’s excited to engage the community by creating promotional materials for upcoming events and seminars, with hopes that we can all have a fun academic year together!🥳

Feel free to reach out to her at designer@mysepsa.ca


Graphic Designer – Raghav Agarwal

Raghav is a fourth year student, majoring in media studies and minoring in environmental science. He loves playing sports and in his spare time he loves reading a book or watching movies.

As one of the graphic designers, Raghav aims to engage students across the campus with various promotional contents, and is excited to meet new people

Feel free to reach Raghav at: designer2@myepsa.ca


Webmaster – Jose Fernando

Jose is in his fifth and last year specializing in environmental chemistry. Outside of his academic life, he likes to make music with the president of EPSA (even though he can’t sing), going to karaoke bars, and skating/snowboarding.

As the webmaster of EPSA, Jose will continue to update the ESPA website to keep its visitors up to date with programs and other events held by EPSA whilst also keeping user-friendly experiences constant.

Feel free to reach out at webmaster@myepsa.ca