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Several Job Listings!

At Kinross, advancing inclusion and diversity is a priority from their corporate office to the front-line mining operations. Their success as a business relies upon a diverse and engaged workforce. For that, Kinross partnered with the Black North Initiative, and as part of this commitment they are looking to increase the BIPOC representation in their Summer Student Program. The due date for applications is February 28, 2023. There are currently 15 open roles for Students and New Graduate Jobs. with the British Columbia Geological Survey.

Deadline: February 28, 2023

Summer Employment Opportunities Program

Our Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) program can help you develop new skills as you work with one of our ministries, provincial agencies, or community groups serving Ontarians across the province. Each year, we offer thousands of full-time positions for students and new graduates, with contracts ranging from 7-18 weeks between May and September.

Deadline: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 11:59 pm EDT

PDAC Volunteer 2023

PDAC’s annual Convention is the world’s premier meeting of mineral explorationists, developers, investors, corporate and investment bankers, financiers, analysts and government representatives.The Convention offers volunteers the opportunity to exchange their time for a complimentary All Access Pass to the convention. In addition, volunteers receive volunteer apparel, food vouchers, a gift card, a certificate of participation, and full attendee materials. Make an impression, build on your knowledge and develop your network! The world renowned PDAC Convention offers volunteers a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals. As a PDAC volunteer, you will be assigned two shifts, each 4 hours in length, between Sunday, March 5 and Wednesday, March 8. To participate, you must be available to attend a two-hour orientation session on Saturday, March 4 or Sunday, March 5.

Deadline: N/A

Yukon Geology Survey Summer Student Field Position – Geological Assistant

Yukon Geological Survey (YGS) is seeking undergraduate students for the 2023 field season. The incumbent will assist YGS geologists undertake geology mapping projects or detailed geological studies, usually from remote, two-person tent fly camps. Students must be willing and able to work under strenuous and primitive conditions in mountainous terrain.

Deadline: March 10th, 2023

GeoIntern 2023

GeoIntern is a great opportunity to learn a range of skills, attend exclusive lectures from leading local and international experts and gain experience working alongside seasoned professionals out in the field. ALL TEACHING IS IN ENGLISH. We are particularly interested in helping you to develop your science communication skills. Whatever your chosen career later on, learning how best to present your views on science and your work will stand you in good stead, and we believe learning to communicate science to the general public is vital so research is not limited just to papers and conferences. Weeks 1 and 2 of GeoIntern will be dedicated to SciComm training to learn the latest practical skills in science communication; an introduction to the dramatic volcanology of the Canary Islands through a series of technical and field trips and training for the collaborative research work you will participate in during weeks 3 and 4.

Deadline: March 10th, 2023

Summer work experience for geoscience students with the OGS

The Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) activities are grouped around three core functions, including: geological mapping and surveying, geological mapping and surveying, geoservices based on chemical and physical analyses of inorganic geological materials, local area mineral investment expertise that includes inventorying and assessing Ontario’s Earth resource potential. Every year, we hire up to 40 geoscience students for summer work experience opportunities in Northern Ontario. We offer a unique outdoor experience while working and learning with internationally recognized geoscientists.

Deadline: March 17th, 2023

Summer Student Geologist

The Summer Student Geologist will support the geology team with exploration programs. The Summer Student Geologist should expect significant fieldwork including mapping and prospecting in the role. Data collection and management will be an important part of daily tasks. The role will also support any diamond drilling programs through geoteching, logging, sampling, measuring and core photography.

Deadline: N/A