Geosciences & Geophysics

Graduate positions in Arctic & Subarctic glaciology / hydrology / ecology (PhD) and ethnobotany / ecology (Master’s). Flexible start date.

We are looking to fill multiple graduate student positions on a new interdisciplinary research program focused on climate change in Inuit Nunangat. Fieldwork will be in the beautiful & spectacular

Deadline: N/A

MSc Student in Geology, specializing in Sedimentary Provenance Analysis – Research Affiliate Program

This project involves the study of Early Jurassic sediments deposited in the Whitehorse Trough in northern British Columbia. The study will involve fieldwork in remote locations, to examine sections and collect samples throughout the lower part of the Laberge Group, where it lies in contact with the underlying Stuhini and Sinwa formations. These samples will then be processed for detrital zircon, to be analyzed by U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes to determine the age and provenance of the sedimentary grains. Future years may include the possibility for additional fieldwork. The project aims to determine the age of the oldest basin fill of the Whitehorse Trough, in order to constrain the onset of the formation of the basin and the tectonic events that caused it. This study will form part of a larger study of Mesozoic stratigraphy and tectonics as part of the GEM GeoNorth Program of the Geological Survey of Canada, and will be conducted in collaboration with the British Columbia Geological Survey.

Deadline: Nov 30 2022 – 23:59, Pacific Time

(Dec 1 2022 – 2:59AM EST)