Physics Study Centre

This Principle of Community is an essential and fundamental idea. The degree to which it is perceived among a group of individuals is a strong measure of the strength of that team. When we are in a space where our opinions and ideas are valued and we feel comfortable around our colleagues, it becomes the optimum environment to foster learning. It brings the best out of us. We grow not only as individuals, but also as a group. In fact, the development of science is a collective collaboration of like-minds working with the same passion and goals – A Scientific Community.

PSC (previously referred to as the Physics Aid Center) is a community-building initiative that aimed to build a stronger relationship between students, faculty, and staff members. For these reasons, the initiation of the Physics Study Centre is aimed at creating a medium that will allow us to implement and exercise this Principle of Community. The Physics Study Centre aims to promote the interaction between these three components in the department.


Physics Study Centre (PSC) Tutoring is a program offered to students in first-year physics located in SW503. It aims to support students with direct access to volunteer physics tutors who have excelled in first-year physics. The program is open to students PHYA10 and PHYA21.


The tutoring program itself is conducted by volunteer physics tutors who have succeeded in the class. A majority of these tutors are in upper-year physics programs and have had completed a great variety of physics-related course beyond first-year physics. For them, PSC Tutoring is a great outlet to express their passion and interest for physics and an opportunity give back to the department. The Centre will operate in a hybrid format: in-person (in SW503), and through Discord (link is provided at the bottom of the page), which we have set up to give tutors and tutees the best environment for learning while ensuring all rules are followed. The tutoring program operates on a drop in system where students can join a tutor any time they’re available, schedule for tutors shown below.

To join physics tutoring sessions please join the EPSA discord server linked via the button below