2022-2023 Executive Team


Nahidha is a fifth year student doing a specialist in Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Applied Statistics. In her free time, she enjoys reading science fiction and mystery novels, learning new languages, and trying new recipes! As the President of EPSA, she hopes to help enrich students’ university experiences through events and academic support, and create an environment where students can grow together.

Feel free to reach Nahidha at: president@myepsa.ca


Nehama is a fifth year student specializing in Biological Chemistry with a minor in biology. Apart from reading novels in her spare time, she enjoys long drives, baking and trekking. As VP Finance, Nehama is excited to work with her colleagues to organize, and run events within the allocated budget. She aspires to help make EPSA more well-known around campus, as well as provide students with equal opportunities and access to course resources.

Feel free to reach Nehama at: vpoperations@myepsa.ca


Charlotte is a 4th year student, pursing a specialist in Environmental Geoscience and minor in Applied Climatology. She has realized how the department’s close knit community provides unique opportunities for personal and academic growth, and wants to help students realize their true potential, acting as a resource and social bridge between peers.

Feel free to reach out at: vpacademics@myepsa.ca

VP Marketing & Communications - Kanakom Thongmeesang

Kanakom Thongmeesang, or Guy for short, is a physics student in his 4th year who is going through a small crisis of what to do after graduation. He likes listening to music and going on night walks thinking about what life could have been and what should it will be. Other than that he thinks he is good at making people laugh. Try talking to him every once in a while, he won’t bite. Probably.

Feel free to reach Guy at: vpmarketingcomm@myepsa.ca

C450D2B0-CBF7-4786-9449-8DB067DFCC3F - Kanakom (Guy) Thongmeesang

VP Finance - Marcellina Kristiani

Marce is entering her third year pursuing a specialist in Geoscience and a minor in GIS (a program that doesn’t get enough hype!) She loves to spend time outdoors with friends and family, and is a budding carpenter who would love to build her own house one day. 🏠🎉

In her role as VP Finance, she’s excited to delve into the backend of running a DSA (Departmental Student Association), and make the numbers work for the team 😊 Marce is looking forward to getting to know everyone, so feel free to reach out with any interesting facts, jokes, questions, or concerns at vpfinance@myepsa.ca

Finance Manager - Joyce Liang

Joyce is a fourth year student pursuing a Specialist in Neuroscience. This is her fourth year with EPSA, and she’s excited to continue in the role of Finance Manger this school year! 🤩 She loves learning about new things, whether that be a choreography, a new animal species, or interesting new spots around town. 💃🔍Lately, she’s been into dog training videos and watching gaming speedruns.

In her role as Finance Manager, the goal is to streamline things behind the scenes so that events can run as smoothly as possible. 👩‍💻 With events becoming in-person again, she hopes to bring people together here at EPSA and the wider UofT community. 💙

Feel free to reach out at financialmanager1@myepsa.ca

Environmental Science Director - ZAHRAA NAJDI

Zahraa Najdi is a second-year life sciences student double majoring in Environmental Science (Co-op) and Neuroscience. In her free time, she enjoys baking, going on hikes and watching Arabic series. As a new Environmental Science Director, she aspires to plan interactive and educational events to help share her love for the environment. In addition, she hopes to educate students on the interesting and growing field of environmental science.

Feel free to reach out to Zahraa at envirosci@myepsa.ca


Khanisha is a third-year student doing a specialist in Chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys reading doing puzzles and blasting music :) As the Chemistry director, she hopes to provide a welcoming and helpful environment for all UTSC students who are taking chemistry courses, through events and initiatives that can help students understand chemistry better as well as be excited to learn it!

Feel free to reach out to Khanisha at chemistry@myepsa.ca

Physics Director - RUCHI SONI

Ruchi is in her fourth year of the Physics and Astrophysics specialist program. If she has time to do something other than reading textbooks, she’ll be reading fiction (book recommendations please). She also loves dancing 💃

As the Physics director, Ruchi aspires to spread the love of physics with the entire physics community and to make this year a fun experience. She’ll work to make sure there’s no dark energy around this year✨

Feel free to reach out to Ruchi at physics@myepsa.ca

Geoscience Director - LAVANECHA CHANDRAN

Lava is a fourth year student pursuing a Specialist in Environmental Geoscience and a Minor in GIS. In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes, skateboarding, and watching movies with friends. As the Geoscience Director, Lava hopes to build a better sense of community amongst geoscience students through various EPSA and DPES initiatives, events, and provide students a better insight on what the geoscience field has to offer!

Feel free to reach out to Lava at geosci@myepsa.ca

Events Coordinator - ANEESA HARRIS

Aneesa is a second-year Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry student at UTSC. In her spare time, she enjoys graphic design, cooking and baking, and has worked in the beauty industry for 3 years. In the future, Aneesa hopes to use her biochemistry knowledge to work in pharmacological research. As the Events Coordinator, Aneesa aims to bring awareness to the importance of environmental and physical sciences in numerous fields, from climate change to biomedical engineering.

Feel free to reach out at eventscoordinator1@myepsa.ca

Events Coordinator - UMAR RAZVI

Umar is in his third year of the Environmental Biology specialist program. His hobbies include watching TV shows, playing/watching cricket, and working out. Umar’s aspirations include completing his role as an events coordinator to the best of his ability and eventually finding a suitable job in his field of study.

Feel free to reach out at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

First year rep - AASTHA SAWARKAR

Aasthaa is a first-year student majoring in environmental sciences and minoring in economics and applied climatology. You’ll usually find her in the kitchen cooking and experimenting food, trying to get more people to try her homecooked vegan food :) if not cooking, she’s definitely dancing or travelling downtown to find secret spots with and amazing view (P.S. if you know some, reach out!) 

As first-year representative she hopes to aid and inspire first years into getting comfortable with university life, and to bridge them to second years and above for networking and socialising, always good to know your seniors!

Feel free to reach out to her at firstyearrep1@myepsa.ca

First year rep - JAWAAD KHAN

Jawaad is currently in his first year at UTSC, and is hoping to double major in biochemistry and environmental science. In his free time, he loves to work out, go for runs, cook, and spend time with family. As a first year rep for EPSA, he hopes to engage the first year community by bringing exciting, fun, and useful events and services to his fellow students.

Feel free to reach out to him at firstyearrep2@myepsa.ca

Graphic Designer - PATRICIA LUMANTO

Patricia is a third year student specializing in biological chemistry and minoring in environmental management. When not at school, she enjoys long boarding and exploring new food places downtown. She’s always down to meet new friends so don’t hesitate to reach her. As EPSA’s graphic designer this year, she hopes to bring EPSA’s visions to life by creating and promoting event posters, as well as creating content to engage the community!

Feel free to reach out to Patricia at designer@myepsa.ca

Graphic Designer - REYANNA SUKHU

Reyanna is starting her second year specializing in Geoscience. She likes to spend her time doing photography, hanging out with friends or watching movies. As one of the graphic designers, she aspire to reach out and connect students and faculty by creating posters to engage and bring people in the UofT community together.

Feel free to reach out to Reyanna at designer2@myepsa.ca

Social Media Manager - PAPINA GNANESWARAN

Papina is in her 3rd year doing a double major in Human Biology and Biochemistry. In her free time, she loves biking, going on mini adventures in the city, and trying new restaurants. As social media manager, Papina is excited to have EPSA reach and empower more students within DPES. After 2 years of being online, she is also looking forward to capturing fun moments at EPSA’s in-person events.

Feel free to reach out to Papina at socialmedia@myepsa.ca

Webmaster - ZOE GIN

Zoe is a third-year student pursuing a major in Environmental Science. She is not a frequent user of social media applications, but still spends a lot of time online browsing through webpages. As this year’s webmaster, she hopes to help keep students informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings in EPSA.

Feel free to reach out to Zoe at webmaster@myepsa.ca

20220927_171532 - Zoe Gin

Video Technology Assistant - KRISTIKA RAGUTHAS

Kristika is a last year student doing a major in Health Science and minoring in Psychology and Linguistics. In her free time, she likes to do acrylic paintings 🎨, enjoys writing journals✍️ and exploring new places🏔️. As the video Technology Assistant, she wants to capture the unexpected moments to create a beautiful story. This will help us connect more with the students and create captivating videos.

If you want to know more about EPSA or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to her at videos@myepsa.ca

discord manager - fatima farooq

Farooqi is a 4rd year student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. If she’s not studying, napping, or working, she’s making bad plays in games. As Discord Manager, she designs and keeps up with the official EPSA discord server. You’ll find her tweaking things and making announcements every now and then. Join the EPSA Discord to reach out and say ‘hi’! :D