Executive Team

Co-President - Patricia Lumanto

Patricia is a fourth year student specializing in medicinal and biological chemistry, and minoring in biology and applied climatology. In her free time, she enjoys going on night outs, trying new food, and also doing competitive cheerleading. A little fun fact about Patricia is that she hates going by her full name, unless it’s a professional setting, please call her Patt. 

This year she will be a co-president of EPSA along Marcelina, and she’s very excited to meet and work with everyone. As the President of EPSA, she hopes to help enrich students’ university experiences through events and academic support, and create an environment where students can grow together.

Feel free to contact Patt at: president@myepsa.ca


Marce is entering her fourth year pursuing a specialist in Geoscience and a minor in GIS (a program that doesn’t get enough hype!) She loves to spend time outdoors with friends and family, and is a budding carpenter who would love to build her own house one day. 🏠🎉

She is looking forward to getting to know everyone, so feel free to reach out with any interesting facts, jokes, questions, or concerns at president@myepsa.ca

VP Academics - Khanisha Singaravadivel

Khanisha is a fourth-year student doing a specialist in Chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing puzzles and blasting music :) As the VP of academics, she hopes to bridge the gap between students and faculty as well as provide a welcoming environment to all students in DPES through events and initiatives :)

Feel free to contact Marce at: vpacademics@myepsa.ca

VP marketing - Papina Gnaneswaran

Papina is in her 4th year doing a double major in Human Biology and Biochemistry. In her free time, she loves biking, going on mini adventures in the city, and trying new restaurants. In her role as VP Marketing and Communications, she hopes rebrand EPSA, take creative avenues to connect UTSC students to the DPES department, and capture amazing moments at our events.

Feel free to contact Papina at: vpmarketingcomm@myepsa.ca

VP Operations - Umar Razvi

Umar is in his fourth year of the Environmental Biology specialist program. His hobbies include watching TV shows, playing/watching cricket, and working out. As VP of Operations, Umar is enthusiastic about collaborating with his coworkers to meticulously plan and execute events to the best of his and their abilities. His ambition involves enhancing EPSA’s visibility across the campus and ensuring all students have equitable access to educational resources and opportunities.

Feel free to contact Umar at: vpoperations@myepsa.ca 

VP Finance - Jawaad khan

Jawaad is in his second year of studies doing a double major in biochemistry and environmental science. In his spare time, he loves finding new ways to stay active and healthy while also taking time for himself. This year, he hopes to contribute to EPSA by overseeing the financial assets of the organization so that we can continue to provide fun and exciting events to all students on campus. 

Feel free to reach out to Jawaad at vpfinance@myepsa.ca

Chemistry Director - Jana Ali

Jana is a second-year student doing a specialist in Neuroscience. As the Chemistry director, she hopes to cultivate a welcoming and productive environment for all UTSC students who are taking chemistry courses. She plans to do so by organizing different initiatives aimed at helping students understand chemistry as well be comfortable, confident, and excited while learning it! She is looking forward to an amazing year with EPSA.

Feel free to contact Jana at chemistry@myepsa.ca!

Physics Director - Anjali Borse

Anjali is a first-year student majoring in Physical Sciences and minoring in Astronomy , Astrophysics and Environmental Sciences. She spends majority of her time in her research projects and is a Quantum Computing enthusiast! In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places, going out on adventures , playing tennis and cooking!

As a Physics Director , she hopes to create a new arena for the campus community to be able to engage in this field and introduce them to the newer domain of Modern Physics and the Quantum Realm . She hopes to make it fun and interesting!

Feel free to reach out to Anjali at physics@myepsa.ca

Environmental Studies Director - Suprova Hossain

Suprova is a fourth-year student double-majoring in Environmental Science and Geography. In her free time, she tends to be jamming to music, reading good books, and writing bad poetry. As the environmental studies director, she hope to show students different paths they can take with their degree after they graduate! [cue “I can show you the world” from Aladdin.]

Feel free to contact Suprova at envirostudies@myepsa.ca

Environmental Science Director - Aasthaa Sawarkar

Aastha is super excited for the 2023-2024 year and is hoping to spread awareness and appreciation on the environment. She loves cooking and eating food – she’s currently on a mission to explore all vegan restaurants in downtown Toronto, so let her know if you want to join!

Feel free to contact Aasthaa at envirosci@myepsa.ca

Geoscience Director - Andrew Ally

Andrew is an avid photographer, Martial Artist and Motorsports Enthusiast. As an aspiring Geoscientist, Andrew has an innate affinity towards our planet and rocks! Just as much he is fascinated by all life (except cockroaches) that walks it. He loves the experience of meeting new people, turning them into his friends and learning about their journeys in life. This is his aim by joining the EPSA team! :) 

Andrew hopes the EPSA team likes roaming the outdoors, because he might drag some of them along with me! He seeks to make a positive impact towards those he comes across, and to allow others in the same field as him to share the joy it brings. He listens to old pop and rock music, hopefully our event attendees share the same taste when Pascal blasts it for him  at our events! XD

Feel free to contact Andrew at andrew.ally@mail.utoronto.ca

Environmental Science Aid Centre Director - Pascal Cheung

Pascal is a Fourth-Year student in the Environmental Biology Specialist program (recently renamed to Global Environmental Change). In his free time, he enjoys exploring Toronto and the GTA, particularly for new restaurants, and learning about new species of organisms.

He is honoured to be EPSA’s first Environmental Science Aid Centre Director and hopes to kickstart the Centre for years to come. As the Environmental Science Aid Centre Director, he hopes to provide much needed academic support to UTSC’s EES- courses.

Feel free to contact Pascal at envirosciaid@myepsa.ca

First Year Representative - Fareeha Alnoor

Fareeha is a first year student planning on specializing in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. In her free time, she likes to read, watch sitcoms and go on walks in nature and explore the outdoors. As first-year rep, she hopes to help first year students feel less overwhelmed by university life and help aid the transition from high school to university. Fareeha also hopes to allow their concerns to be voiced and increase interaction between first years and upper years.

Feel free to reach out to Fareeha at fareeha.alnoor@mail.utoronto.ca

First Year Representative - Meerab Virk

Meerab is a a direct individual, open to working in new environments. Some fun facts about herself is that she loves to read, she is a rock-climber, and she enjoys spending time with her loved ones. Meerab hope to learn things about you as an individual as well!!!

Feel free to reach out to Meerab at m.virk@mail.utoronto.ca

First Year Representative - TAYLOR REEVES

Taylor is a first year student who is looking to specialize in Physics and Astrophysics. Taylor is an AuDHD (autism and ADHD) queer student, and they have done a ton of work in public service. They are looking forward to serving their time with EPSA, and with the University!

Feel free to reach out to Taylor at taylor.reeves@mail.utoronto.ca

Graphic Designer - Santara Khalil

Santara is in her fourth year pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and Human Biology. During her leisure time, she loves to travel to new places, play badminton, try various cuisines, watch movies/shows, and chill around with friends!

As a graphic designer, she aspires to create engaging content to promote EPSA’s activities to unite students and manifest EPSA’s goals to the UofT community.

She is excited to meet everyone, so feel free to reach out to Santara at designer@myepsa.ca!

Graphic Designer - Rahma Nur Jannati

Rahma is in her 2nd year doing a double major in Physics and Astrophysics, and also in Statistics. She often has to purchase more storage for her phone because she loves to capture every random moment in her life.

Feel free to reach out to Rahma at designer2@myepsa.ca

Social Media Manager - Dana Abughaduma

Dana is currently double majoring in human biology and molecular biology, with a minor in French. Her favourite sports are Ultimate frisbee and badminton, and in her free time she likes reading fiction and watching anime (plz give some recs!). Please don’t hesitate to reach out, she is willing to talk to anyone about anything!!

Feel free to contact Dana at socialmedia@myepsa.ca

Videographer - Donglin Que

Donglin is a fourth year student majoring in statistics and molecular biology. He can also complete his major in biochemistry as long as he is determined to take three more chemistry courses. Outside of study/work, he is interested in outdoors, waisting films, and spending time exploring the world. If he is not online or reply messages on time, there is a good chance he is emptying himself in a national park to get some inspiration for ways to let students know about EPSA better.

Feel free to contact Donglin at videos@myepsa.ca

Webmaster - ZOE GIN

Zoe is a fourth-year student majoring in Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry. As Webmaster, she will be maintaining the website, updating the Events page with club news, and responding to inquiries sent through the website. She hopes to make the website a helpful resource for students to stay up-to-date with EPSA’s activities and services. She is a bona fide night owl and is usually the first to respond to messages sent through the contact form on the website. Feedback is welcome!

Feel free to reach out to Zoe at webmaster@myepsa.ca

20220927_171532 - Zoe Gin

Events Coordinator - Jennifer Han

Jen is a second year student in the biochemistry (co-op) major program, minoring in English literature and food studies. In her free time, Jen loves to draw, swim, and go on walks. As one of the event coordinators, Jen is excited to bring fun and memorable EPSA events to the UTSC community!

Feel free to contact Jen at eventscoordinator1@myepsa.ca

Events Coordinator - Catherine (MOGYI) Kirschner

Catherine (also known as Mogyi) is in their 3rd year at UTSC, in Biochemistry and Immunology. In their spare time, they enjoy the visual arts, crafting, and baking lots of cheesecake. As one of the Event Coordinators, Mogyi plans to bring fun to learning physical and environmental sciences.

Feel free to reach out at eventscoordinator2@myepsa.ca

Finance Manager - Rachel ye

Rachel is a second year student double majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease. She loves listening to music, learning to play the ukulele, and exploring cafes/parks in the city. As the Finance Manager, Rachel hopes to contribute to memorable events through directing EPSA’s budgets behind the scenes

Feel free to reach out to Rachel at financialmanager1@myepsa.ca